We represent architects all over Australia and we believe that all architects should get the respect, recognition and reward they deserve.

Recognition of the social and economic value of Architectural services – and the remuneration and conditions, career development and skill currency of the Architects who provide them – is central to developing a vibrant, diverse, innovative, responsive and committed Architectural services industry in Australia.

We see it as critical that we play an active and considered role in identifying and responding to the challenges which face the profession and industry – challenges that can only be tackled with the cooperation of major stakeholder groups and the commitment and involvement of Architects themselves.

But a number of critical questions currently face the industry:

  • How do we ensure that the fundamental role of Architects in responding to contemporary challenges in economic development, land use, infrastructure development and maintenance and environmental sustainability is properly recognised?
  • How do we ensure the community values the benefits that good architectural services and high quality design services provide?
  • How do we attract and retain the next generation of quality people to the profession and provide them with fair remuneration and reasonable conditions as well as the support and mentoring when they embark on their careers?
  • And while demand may have softened with the contraction of the construction industry in the short-term, how do we avoid creating shortages in the longer-term because the profession has been driven into the ground?
  • How do we ensure that professional development practices continue to support the Architecture profession?
  • As part of the practical ties of mutual interest in the Architecture profession and industry, how can we work collaboratively with the AIA and other key industry bodies and ensure both organisations play a dynamic and effective role in the industry?
  • How have globalisation and developments in technology affected the industry?
  • Fundamentally, what kind of support, structures and practices will be necessary to create a sustainable industry with the capacity to deliver innovative, high-quality Architectural and design services which meet the needs of the community in the long-term?


These questions go to the heart of what it means to be an Architect today.

Basis these questions and the core issues in the Architectural and design services industry today, the main focus of all our activities and campaigns today is to,

  • Protect and advance workplace conditions and minimum standards for all Architects throughout their professional careers
  • Raise awareness of, advocate for, and support, the Architecture profession
  • Promote an understanding of the leadership roles Architects play in designing, shaping and creating urban living spaces and built environments founded upon design excellence, social justice, economic value, leadership and open communication
  • Encourage dialogue between employees, employers and industry bodies.

If you would like to learn more about the work we do with senior architects in Australia, please click here: http://www.professionalsaustralia.org.au/architects/

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