Health consumers benefit from community pharmacists who use their knowledge and skills to help people get well and stay healthy. However, community pharmacists don’t get the respect, recognition and reward that they should for the important work they do. We represent pharmacists in Australia and we bring them together not only to work for better wages but to ensure their rights are protected.

Our membership is growing and so too is our influence to shape a better future. There’s still more to achieve, and we have a plan to lift pay and respect for community pharmacists.


Our plan

  • Build an organisation that can’t be ignored: Employee pharmacists are joining together to have a say about the future of community pharmacy.
  • Provide access to quality CPD: Provide PPA members access to shpacpd continuing professional development, one of the best in the industry.
  • Provide Professional Indemnity Insurance: We provide all members with Professional Indemnity Insurance which meets AHPRA requirements for employee pharmacists.
  • Get basic pay and conditions right: Our workplace lawyers ensure that all members are, at the very least, being paid and treated as they should be under the law.
  • Lift pharmacists salaries: We are mounting a case for a substantial industry wide pay rise for employed pharmacists, comparable to other professions.
  • Voice in the industry for employed pharmacists: Ensure that the nearly 20,000 non-owner pharmacists have a say in how the industry is run.

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