Young Professionals Australia is a division focusing on the student and graduate members of Professionals Australia, one of the oldest and most respected union and professional association in Australia.

We represent professionals from a wide variety of disciplines including engineering, science, IT, pharmacy, management, translators and interpreters, architecture, surveying and many more. We were originally registered as the Association of Professional Engineers, Australia (APEA) – in September 1946.

APEA was the first organisation to ensure that professionals be recognised and rewarded for the high-value work they do. The Professional Engineers Case finalised in 1961 saw engineers across Australia received salary increases averaging more than 40 per cent. Even more importantly it set the precedent for work value and benchmarked salaries for professionals.


We have been building on the precedent established by the 1961 decision ever since. It has set up and maintained a series of awards for engineers, scientists and other professionals.

These divisions are managed by our members in each professional category and work to make sure we are solving the problems that affect your profession and provide the services you need to get ahead.
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Young Professionals Australia is part of Professionals Australia, a contemporary and innovative union, representing the industrial and professional interests of over 20,000 professional employees across the country.

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