Young Professionals Australia (YPA) is the student and graduate division of Professionals Australia

We are the only union and professional association to represent Engineers, Scientists, IT professionals and all other STEM professionals in Australia.

Our team of career coaches and industry experts is committed to provide all students and graduates in Australia all the professional support they need. We are here to help you make the strongest start to your career. We provide one-to-one career coaching to help students and graduates win jobs, learn new skills and deliver results at work.

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When you join YPA, you make the first step towards a successful career and become a part of the STEM community in Australia. You can now feel secure in the knowledge that your job search challenges, work issues, education and legal rights are backed by an organisation that understands the challenges and unique regulatory landscape of your profession.

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Young Professionals Australia is part of Professionals Australia, a contemporary and innovative union, representing the industrial and professional interests of over 20,000 professional employees across the country.

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