5 Reasons to improve your LinkedIn profile

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  1. Stand out compared to your competitors
  2. When you apply for a new job, your potential employer will be looking at your LinkedIn profile. It is imperative that your profile is up to date and consistent with your resume. We can help you portray yourself in the best possible way. This means, when a potential employer looks you up, they will see the best version of you.

  3. Access to a hidden job market
  4. Many companies don’t advertise job vacancies. Instead, they approach the best candidates directly, often finding them on LinkedIn. Without a strong LinkedIn profile, you are confining yourself to only half the job market. You can also show recruiters that you are looking for new opportunities, so even if you are not actively looking, your profile is interview ready. LinkedIn provides you with the ability to follow companies that interest you, and be the first to know when they are advertising for new positions.
  5. Build your personal brand/ profile
  6. Your LinkedIn profile should show off your personal brand. Our experts will help you build a 5-star profile. Your LinkedIn profile is just as important as a resume and is an extension to your CV. It tells employers who you are, and what you’re about. Why would go to the effort of applying for a job, updating your CV, just to miss out on the job because your LinkedIn profile is out of date?
  7. Provides an opportunity to network with other individuals and companies
  8. Get access to events and discuss topical news with your peers. Improving your LinkedIn profile allows your peers to view you as a professional, and discuss industry related topics. Maintaining strong profile lets your network know to invite you to private groups that may be of value to you in the future. Networking with the right individuals or companies may be the first step towards your dream job.
  9. Tap into industry news
  10. It is important to know your industry. In an interview process employer’s frequently ask industry related questions to test if the applicant is knowledgeable. Following related news and topics on LinkedIn is an easy way to stay up to date and stand out in an interview process. Not a member? Join now and capitalise on our LinkedIn review service and much more.