5 Ways to Win a Job during COVID19

Have you been trying to look for jobs on SEEK and other advertised platforms but don’t know what else to do or where else to look?

What do you do if there are no advertised jobs that match what you are looking for?

While job searching has always been challenging, the disruption caused by Covid-19 has made it more difficult to find employment . One key impact being there is now an even higher pool of job seekers and smaller pool of jobs for graduates and students. But, fret not. There are a number of different avenues available that most people fail to utilise to ensure their job search is most effective and we want to make sure you can maximise on all the resources available at your disposal to get that job you want in the shortest time possible.

It is even more essential now that you do not rely on only one source to look for opportunities. It is important to maximise each and every resource as much as possible and start the process of job hunting well in advance as it is going to take even longer under the current circumstances.

Here are five ways to set yourself up in the best position to score a job:


  1. Job Advertising: There are a number of jobs still advertised right now. Find out what they are and more importantly where they are. Talk to us and we can tell you how to do that.

  2. Stand Out From The Crowd: Apply to the largest grad programs with a cracking CV, cover letter and application. You know you can apply now & start February 2021, right?

  3. Set Up For Success: Use the strategy that makes employers want to say, "YES." This strategy is about pitching yourself as a specific talent for their unique needs. Want to know how to do that? Call us.

  4. Improve Your Odds: By learning the tactics that help you find non-advertised jobs. Because did you know that 80% of the job market is hidden.  Let us tell you how to find it.

  5. Beat the Competition: Improve your job hunting skills to attract interviews, close employers and network for opportunities. What are these job hunting skills?

Ask us. If you are looking to confidently move your job hunt forward despite COVID19 disruption and have any questions or just want to have a chat, call us now on 0423 027 131 or email us at [email protected].

If you are looking for grad jobs or jobs while you are still a student studying there are a number of resources you can look at. Here at YPA, we want to find jobs for our members and prepare them for job interviews and help them with resume reviews as well as providing important information on social profiles such as Facebook and LinkedIn to maximise your chances for employment. Send us an email today as we're the student union for professionals like you. We can help and our team is ready to help your career progress to the next level.

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