Are you a mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, electronic, software, environmental, mining or aeronautical engineer?
Are you looking for help with your engineering resume?
Are you sending out your resume and only getting rejection letters?

Engineering students on average send out 15 applications for 1 interview. That means you only have a 6% chance of getting an interview.

6% they’re not great odds!

Using our free engineering resume template and our resume review service for members in most cases we’ve seen that chance jump to 33% that is an interview for every third application, so it makes sense to get your resume reviewed by the Association of Professional Engineers Australia (APEA).

33% That’s more like it!

We don’t like to boast but our members that have had engineering interview training have secured a position after graduation. We’re here to support our members and the unity of engineers so for student engineers we are offering membership for just $4.00 a month.

For the price of a coffee you could change your life. Join the 6000 student memberships of Professionals Australia.

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The job of a resume is to get you an interview. But most student resumes are super inefficient, waffle on about unimportant facts, don’t sell themselves and don’t highlight the important points of their experience and education. Writing a resume can be daunting and intimidating but we’re here to help guide you and put you on track to success.

“I’ve been trying to apply for jobs for the last four months. I’ve submitted 50+ applications and heard literally nothing back except template rejection emails.”

If this quote rings true with you, you’re not alone. Many engineering students face the same issue that you probably face, but you have the chance to fix up your resume and get back on the track to success. So, let’s look at what you need to do. Understand one thing – That robots consider your engineering application and NOT PEOPLE.

The price of applicant tracking software and candidate assessment algorithms has dropped dramatically meaning virtually every company uses robots to filter all their applications. This is AMAZING NEWS for you. It’s easier to reverse engineer a robot than a Human Resources person.

When you upload a resume for a review by the Professionals Australia team, we will put together a professional document that beats the robots and all the common filters they use to delete applications, getting you to the top of the pile. Simply download the template provided, fill-out your resume and submit it back to us for review. It’s that easy, our professionals will help guide you on the best practices for you engineering resume and even help you prepare for your interview.

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