We are a Not-for-profit association committed to helping STEM students and graduates get the best start to their career. But that’s not the only reason why you should join us. Here’s more reasons!

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You are more Employable

  1. Resume Review: When you upload a resume for a review by our experts, we will put together a professional document that beats the system and all the common filters they use to delete applications.
  2. LinkedIn Review: When we help you makeover your LinkedIn profile, we, ensure it’s structured to be found by the social recruitment software of the companies you want to work for.
  3. Interview Training: With our interview training and mock interview sessions, we can help you get the job by helping you identify all the questions you will be asked and prepare your ideal responses for each of these questions.
  4. Professional Development: We run regular career and industry specific webinars on topics that are relevant to you and aim to get you ahead in your career.
You know your worth to get paid more

  1. Salary Negotiation: We can help you maximise your pay by giving you all the information you need regarding salary awards for your industry and sharing our latest industry salary survey with you which is the most detailed analysis of rates of pay for your industry.
  2. Contract Review: You can simply upload your contract and our legal team, who are industry experts, and we will give you a quick and comprehensive assessment of the contract and help you fix any issues that arise.
  3. Career Guidance: Our career coaches are available for our members to make sure you fully understand all your industry options and identify the organisations you are most suited for.
Professional advice and services

  1. Legal Advice: Our dedicated in-house lawyers in many cases can provide preliminary legal advice when a workplace issue arises.
  2. Visa Assist: Visa Assist provides free visa advice and help with all your visa questions or problems through visa experts who are registered migration agents.
  3. Member Rewards: When you become a member you automatically get access to our Member Advantage Program that offers exclusive savings on more than 1600 products and services such as movie tickets, car hire, travel, airline lounge memberships and insurances.
Membership terms and conditions

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